Monday, March 16, 2015

Style: February 2015 Buys

Jenni Kayne mules (in oiled leather) and Ivanka Trump Kalia sandals

About two months ago I realized I wasn’t putting enough thought into many of my clothing and accessory purchases.  When I was out shopping, if I saw something I liked, I often bought it without a second thought.  My shopping didn’t create problems, but I decided that I needed to put more consideration into purchases.  My solution was to put myself on a budget.

Now when shopping I take pictures of things I like, leave the store and then contemplate whether or not the item is something I love and will feel good wearing.  I also consider how it will work with other pieces I already own and whether or not it fits into my lifestyle.

My February purchases consist of Jenni Kayne black suede mules and Ivanka Trump gladiator sandals (More about these sandals in my next style post).  After seeing these mules on a blog, I wanted to buy them but was hesitant to order them sight-unseen, as online items are rarely the way I pictured them.  When I was in California, I went to the Jenni Kayne store, saw, touched, tried on, loved and then immediately bought these shoes.  What a great purchase!

So far, being on a budget has had a good outcome-I now buy only things I love that fit into my life.

Here are a few things I considered purchasing, but didn't in the end:

While I love this M Missoni dress, it's not very practical
for my life right now

I still like this J Brand sweater, but it probably wouldn't get a lot of
use since the weather is warming up

While I liked this Madewell dress on the hanger, it didn't look
great on me

I'm still thinking about buying these Gucci flats (different color)

After buying the mules, I didn't need these
Jimmy Choo flats (different color)

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