Monday, March 2, 2015

Four Star Finds: Sugarfina

the pop up store at South Coast Plaza

I love candy!  Though I like chocolate, I’m especially fond of candies marketed toward 9-year olds-my favorites are gummies, sour candies, Skittles, and Starburst.  When I found a Sugarfina store, I was in candy heaven! 

Beautifully merchandised, Sugarfina stores carry “sophisticated candy.”  Among other products, they sell premium gummies, gourmet chocolates and beautiful gift sets.  Their products are packaged in small, clear plastic boxes with the candies often artfully arranged. 

Though Sugarfina products are sold online (click here for their website), stop by one of their amazing stores (Beverly Hills, and Glendale, California) if you have the opportunity.  If you do, you will again experience being a kid in a candy store!

boxed sets

chocolate dragees in cool packaging

the stores are merchandised beautifully

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