Friday, February 6, 2015

Travel: Balboa Island

the welcome sign on the bridge to Balboa Island

 Popular with both tourists and locals, Balboa Island is a small, charming haven off Newport Beach, California.  Accessible by both bridge and by ferry. many of its cottage-style homes are filled with vacationers during the summer months, including locals who often rent a house for a week or two.  Marine Avenue, the island’s “Main Street” is filled with quaint shops and restaurants.

Whether you visit just to take a stroll around the island’s perimeter or if you’re looking for a “California beach town,” experience, Balboa Island is the place to be!

the view from the bridge-Part I

the view from the bridge-Part II
the ferry entrance

cottage-style homes-many of which have been razed and rebuilt

Marina Avenue

Dad's-A local institution

Though Dad's is famous for their Balboa Bars and frozen bananas,
the locals know Dad's for their hippo cookies

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