Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Book Review: “Not That Kind of Girl”

   Not That Kind of Girl
   Lena Dunham

In her collection of essays, Not That Kind of Girl, Lena Dunham is brutally honest about everything-losing her virginity, her obsession with death and dying, being overweight, on-screen nudity and even the condescension she’s faced in Hollywood.  Often described as the voice of her generation, Dunham is wise beyond her years and willing to bare her soul to impart her wisdom to others.

While reading Not That Kind of Girl, I was struck by Dunham’s lack of guile.  While most people portray themselves in the best light, Dunham doesn’t shy away from revealing her embarrassing moments.  She doesn’t do this to humiliate herself, but to show her readers the truth-that while she may be wildly successful, she still filled with self-doubt and makes mistakes.  That is, she’s human.  If you're looking for an entertaining read, you'll enjoy Not That Kind of Girl.

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