Monday, January 5, 2015

Travel: The Art of the Brick

Nefertiti, created out of Lego

When Sean was young, he loved playing with Lego, first assembling what was in the set, but then dismantling the sets and using his imagination to build other things.  Since Kevin and I are both engineers, we fully encouraged and supported his Lego “habit.”

The Art of the Brick is an exhibit by artist Nathan Sawaya who uses Lego as his medium.  While it sounds like a display you could see at Legoland or at a Lego Store, The Art of the Brick is so much more.

In the exhibit, there are, of course, 3-D Lego sculptures like Michelangelo’s David).  Sawaya takes his art another step and recreates famous paintings like Van Gogh’s Starry Night and da Vinci’s Mona Lisa using Lego.  The results are amazing.

My favorite part of the exhibit was the combination of photography and Lego art.  A photographer incorporated Lego sculptures into his photos and both the finished photos and original Lego sculptures were on display.  In particular, I loved the red Lego strapless dress blowing in the wind.

Though The Art of the Brick is only exhibited through January 11 in Boston, other shows will be held throughout the world.  Visit this website for more details.

VanGogh's Starry Night

photograph of model in Lego dress

the Lego dress

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