Friday, December 26, 2014

Travel: The Original Farmers Market

the old fashioned gas station in front of the Original Farmers Market

A few years ago, our family took a food tour of the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles (to visit their website, click here)-it was a fabulous experience, and one we’ll never forget. Despite the 60-mile drive, we‘d return about once every 3 months.

The 80 year-old farmers market is located next to the Grove and comprised mostly of restaurants and specialty food shops (there’s even a store that sells only hot pepper sauces!). EVERYTHING we have eaten there is to-die-for!  Some of our favorites include: Du-Par’s Pie Shop, Gill’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop, Mr. Marcel Gourmet Market, Pampas Grill (Brazilian food), and Magee’s House of Nuts.  When visiting, I always try to stop by Lustre, an artisanal jewelry shop with handcrafted, unique pieces-I almost always find something there to buy.

If you’re in or near Los Angeles, stop by Original Farmers Market for an unforgettable meal or just to browse!

one of the fruit stands-even the fruit salad sold there is amazing!

Lustre, my favorite jewelry store

a coconut cream pie from Du-Parr's Pie Shop

the machine that makes nut butters at Magee's House of Nuts

the cheese selection at Mr. Marcel Gourmet Market-if you go there, buy
their house-blended caviar cheese

a house-made coffee ice cream drumstick from Gill's Old Fashioned
Ice Cream Shop

Brazilian take-out from Pampas Grill-their bacon-wrapped chicken and
cheese bread are my favorites

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