Monday, December 29, 2014

Décor: Converting the Guest Room to Sean’s Room Part 2


Part 1-only the bedding was changed

Part 2-the new bedding plus the wall hangings-the belts on the left
wall are from when Sean earned his black belt
two sentimental knick knacks I left in the room (in the base
of a nightstand lamp)-Sean's gargoyle (a souvenir from England)
and shell turtle (we don't know where this came from, but
it's been in his bedroom as long as we can remember

In an earlier post (click here to view it), I wrote about converting the guest room into a room for my college student son, Sean.  At the time, I had only installed his new bedding.  Well-I finally got my act together and hung up his pictures and memorabilia.  I’m pleased (and hope Sean will be) with the result!  The room now has his personal stamp on it, and I think he’ll be comfortable in his new room.

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