Monday, November 10, 2014

Movie Reviews: "Fury" and "St. Vincent"

   Rated R

In many ways, Fury is similar to Saving Private Ryan.  Both are intense, violent films about World War II; both are not shot in full color; and both are excellent films.  Brad Pitt stars as a battle-hardened tank sergeant whose team is given a suicide mission behind enemy lines.  To provide contrast, Logan Lerman is Norman, a naive clerk typist who unexpectedly becomes the crew’s assistant driver.  Without giving anything away, expect to see humanity at its best and worst.

   St. Vincent
   Rated PG-13

Because Oliver’s single mom, Maggie (Melissa McCarthy), works long hours, next-door neighbor Vincent (Bill Murray) becomes his unlikely babysitter.  Although Vincent isn’t a good influence (he hires a “lady of the evening” and gambles and drinks too much), he and Oliver form an unlikely friendship and end up transforming each other into better people.

I went into St. Vincent not knowing what to expect and received so much-an Oscar-caliber performance from Bill Murray, a sweet story that avoided being maudlin and an over-all great film experience.  If you see one movie this season, make sure it’s St. Vincent!

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