Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Décor: Converting the Guest Room to Sean’s Room Part 1

The "guest room" bedding 

When we moved from a 4 bedroom suburban home to a 2 bedroom Boston apartment, we combined Sean’s room, the guest room and the office into the spare bedroom.  In the process, I gave away Sean’s double bed and kept the guest room’s queen bed thinking we could better accommodate guests and that Sean would like sleeping in a bigger bed.  While he does like the queen bed, he doesn’t care for the feminine bedding and its accompanying décor.

The last time he visited, he voiced his opinion and asked if we could go to the storage facility to get some of his things-he wanted to turn the guest room into his room.  He also asked me to buy new bedding.  Because we want him to know that even though he doesn’t live with us, our home was still his home, so I immediately bought new bedding.  Here is the result…

Sean's bedding
I think the new bedding is hip, appropriate for a young man and hope he likes it!

The next step will be removing the current wall hangings and hanging/arranging his pictures and mementos on the walls.  To be continued…

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