Monday, October 27, 2014

Décor: Boston Bookcases Part 2

Before-Distance Shot

Before-Close Up

In a prior post (click here to view it), I hinted that I may make another change to the bookshelves.  For those unfamiliar with the bookshelves in our Boston home, I had subtle wallpaper installed on the back walls.  I loved the result, but thought the books’ covers were too distracting.  I considered putting the books away, but due to limited space, needed the storage. 

The solution…

I covered the books with white wrapping paper (available here) and made labels (using a label maker) to identify the books.  The result is perfect-now the accessories, rather than the books, are the stars of the bookcases.

After-Distance Shot

After Close Up
Yes-I was a little compulsive and lined up the labels!

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