Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review: "Eat, Move, Sleep"

   Eat, Move, Sleep
   Tom Rath

Author Tom Rath has a rare genetic disorder where his body easily develops and grows cancerous tumors. As a result, he's taken an avid interest in health and well-being. Eat, Move, Sleep is the result of his studies-in it, he gives 30 days worth of practical advice, each day with suggestions on how to eat a healthier diet, exercise more and attain better sleep. He also stresses the benefits of these lifestyle changes in a simple, concise manner.

Although I have long had an interest in healthy eating and exercise, until I read Eat, Move, Sleep, I didn't understand the importance of getting a good night's sleep. Quality sleep improves the immune system, memory and job performance, while disruptive sleep contributes to weight gain, depression and heart disease.

In addition to discussing the benefits of healthy eating, consistent exercise and good sleep, Rath points out little things like how small decisions determine one's overall life span and how every meal is an opportunity to do something beneficial or detrimental to one's body. Eat, Move, Sleep is a true 4 star find!

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