Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Travel: Roger’s Gardens

the entry

When I lived in Orange County, California, one of the places I took for granted was Roger’s Gardens (Click here to visit their website).  It’s a family-run home and garden center that not only sells plants and plant accessories, patio furniture and garden accessories, but also has landscape design services, a floral arranging department and probably has the nicest home accessories store I’ve frequented.  It was my favorite place to find special gifts (Click here to see a past post about a few of my purchases).  In addition, their holiday collections are amazing! 

Speaking of the holidays, I highly recommend visiting Roger’s Gardens before Christmas to see the beautiful indoor and outdoor decorations.  Any time of year, though, it’s a great place to relax, shop and get inspiration!

an outdoor display

the orchid gallery

On the day I visited, they held a rare plant show

the Margaret Larkin jewelry tree display

my next splurge purchase??

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