Monday, July 7, 2014

Movie Reviews: "Jersey Boys" and "Chef"

   Jersey Boys
   Rated R

I have to admit I was hesitant to see Jersey Boys because I saw the Broadway play about a year ago and loved it.  I was worried the movie wouldn’t compare well to the play.  I was wrong.  I loved the movie-in fact, the filmmakers were able to go into a little more detail to tell the story of the Four Seasons. 

The film opens with 16-year old Frankie Valli apprenticing at a barbershop, practicing his singing and being a small time thief.  He and his friends form a trio, but the members keep changing as the band members rotate in and out of prison.  The group finally comes together when Bob Gaudio becomes the fourth member.  The combination of Gaudio’s melodies and lyrics and Valli’s angelic voice is the definition of synergy and the band takes off.  The film then shows the group’s struggles with each other, mobsters, and gambling debt, all of which led to their break-up.

When I first saw Jersey Boys, I was stunned by how many of their songs I knew and didn’t realize just how popular they were.  Seeing Jersey Boys is a great way to learn ore about the For Seasons and a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening!

   Rated R

Chef Carl Casper’s life is thrown into disarray after he receives a mediocre review from a food critic/blogger.  His ex-wife convinces him to buy and operate a food truck, which will give him the independence to create his own masterpieces.  Though his food improves, will his personal life as well?

Written and directed by Jon Favreau, Chef is a delightful movie!  Though the story is a bit unrealistic, I loved the up-close cooking scenes, the all-star cast and seeing a character’s passion for food.  If you’re into food or cooking, you’ll enjoy Chef.

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