Friday, July 25, 2014

June 2014 Sale Finds

I usually take advantage of the June sales as a time to stock up on basics or on things I need or anticipate needing (out-of-season goods).  Since designer goods are pretty much only discounted in June and after Christmas, this is often when I splurge and buy them.  Here’s what I found this year:

These woven Prada flats were discounted by 60%
This versatile J. Crew shift was discounted by 75%

This basic Theory tank was 58% off

Another basic by Theory was 44% off the original price

This peace, love, world sweatshirt (perfect for wearing
to yoga) was discounted by 70%.  It's so cozy that it's
like wearing a hug!

These comfy Ferragamo loafers were 40% off the regular price

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