Friday, May 2, 2014

Boston Freedom Trail Tour

Mike, Kathy, Kevin and me at one of the Freedom Trail sites

When we went on a family vacation to Italy, one of the best pieces of travel advice we received was to take a private tour of the Vatican.  Our friends, Gale and Jean, said that not only would we bypass the entrance line, but we would also have a much greater appreciation of the art.  As always, they were right and hiring a private tour guide is now something we regularly do on vacation.

When our friends, Kathy and Mike, came to Boston, we arranged for a private tour of the Boston Freedom Trail (through the FreedomTrail Foundation).  It was awesome!  Our tour guide (a college History major) met us wearing period clothing and walked us through 11 of the 16 sites, beginning at the Boston Common and ending at the site of the Boston Massacre. 

Though I’m not really into history, the 90-minute tour was fascinating!  It cleared up a few misconceptions I had about the Revolutionary War and was a great experience.  If you aren’t into private tours, the Freedom Trail Foundation also offers public tours for a reasonable fee.

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