Friday, April 25, 2014

Décor: Window Coverings: Before and After

Before-Shades Down

Before-Shades Up

Before-Sunlight on the Chair

When we bought this house, we thought the only thing that needed to be done was building my closet (discussed in this post).  Once we started living here, we realized we needed to make a few more tweaks.  Though the previous owners installed black-out shades in the master bedroom windows, the glass door did not have any type of covering; our bedroom was pretty bright every morning, and I ended up awakening too early. 

After living here a while, I also realized that when the shades were open, the wingback chairs were getting quite a bit of direct sunlight, and I worried about fading.

Instead of buying a shade for the door, we invested in plantation shutters.  What a great decision!  Not only do they block out the early morning light, but the shutters also provide another layer of insulation AND protect the furniture when open, yet tilted.  I like the shutters so much I also had them installed in the living and dining rooms.


After-No Direct Sunlight to Fade the Fabric


  1. Good decision on getting shutters! With windows as big as those, things tend to get bright. The blinds the previous owner installed weren't enough. Not only did your shutters keep brightness down to an acceptable level, but your windows also looked way better than without them.
    Greg Arnett @ Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions

  2. I agree-the shutters also provide better insulation than the shades. I finally had them installed in our guest room. It'll be much nicer for our friends and family when they visit.