Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Décor: Hyacinth Flower Arrangement

Probably because I come from a family of pack rats, I’m not a saver.  I regularly go through our things and donate or discard items we no longer use.  Every now and then, I regret my haste in culling.  Such was the case with a julep cup I donated a few years ago.  It contained an artificial flower arrangement, and when the flowers were dusty and tired, I got rid of them and donated the cup.

Afterwards, I realized it would be a great vase for cut flowers.  When I spotted this julep cup at Crate and Barrel, I immediately bought it.  It’s perfect for this spring arrangement of hyacinths.

To make this arrangement, simply trim one bunch hyacinths to fit into the cup and distribute the leaves among the blooms.

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