Monday, March 3, 2014

What a Difference a Rug Makes!

Kevin's favorite furniture purchase EVER is this Streeter Recliner from Crate and Barrel.  He's always wanted a recliner, but I hesitated due to their past lack of style.  He likes to recline in it and read the paper in the morning or have a cocktail at night.  After our offer on our current home was accepted, I ordered another because I knew this nook needed two chairs (as opposed to one).  While I liked the look, it felt like something was missing.  

I started looking locally for a rug, but found that most have very traditional patterns or are rectangular-shaped.  Though I'm hesitant to order items sight-unseen from catalogs or the internet (they're never the color or texture I expect), when I saw this Portofino Rug, I immediately ordered it.  I'm so happy I did-the rug visually (and literally) adds warmth and interest to the space.


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