Monday, March 10, 2014

Tailoring-Before and After

Before-Notice that the shoulders of this J. Crew blazer fit, but the sleeves
are too long and the torso is too big in both of these photos?

Much better!

Like most people, immediately after I buy a new item, I want to wear it as soon as possible.  I’ve learned to curb those urges and first take things to the tailor to be altered and fitted to my body.  Tailoring is the difference between being well dressed and looking just a little off.

A few helpful hints regarding fit and tailoring:
  • Buy pieces to fit the largest part of you body-it’s easier to have pieces taken in than let out.  In this case, I bought the right size for my shoulders, but the sleeves were too long and the torso too big. 
  • Wear the shoes you plan to wear with the pieces being altered.
  • Always have the tailor pin the hem for each pant leg separately, rather than hemming each leg the same length.  Many people have different lengths for each leg.
  • The same goes for hemming dresses and skirts-Pin up the entire hem and check to make sure the front and back lengths are the same (It's very important to wear the correct shoes when getting skirts and dresses hemmed because heel height greatly affects the hemline.)
  • Many women wear pants (especially jeans) that gap at the back waistline.  This problem can be easily remedied by a tailor for generally less than $15
  • Take advantage of free tailoring offered at many stores (Nordstrom, Club Monaco, Lululemon to name a few)

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