Monday, February 17, 2014

Four Star Finds: Things I REALLY Need for Living in Boston

Before I moved to Boston, I wrote a post on things I bought and was given for living in the city-I definitely use the items mentioned in my blog, but found that I needed to buy a few more things to live comfortably.  Here what I bought to live through one of the worst winters people here can remember.

GOOD House Slippers-I started off with an inexpensive synthetic pair, but wore them so much that they matted down and fell off my feet.  These Ugg slippers are also much warmer.

WATERPROOF Boots-Between the rain and melting snow, the ground here is often wet.  Until I bought waterproof boots, my feet were damp and cold. Now they’re warm and cozy.  The Aquatalias are my dressy pair and the Sorels are my casual pair.

DOWN Puffer Coat-Very quickly, I realized my wool coats aren’t warm enough when the weather is in the 20’s.  This down puffer coat blocks the wind and keeps me warm on cold days.

INEXPENSIVE warm coat-After buying a down puffer coat, I realized that I didn’t want to leave it on communal coat hooks (at restaurants, the yoga studio, etc.).  I ended up buying this $30 coat (sale price) from Old Navy’s Boys department.  It’s not the most stylish coat, but it keeps me warm, and I don’t have to worry about it being taken.

Not Pictured-Thermal Underwear.  When the temperature drops into the teens and below, it’s just too cold to go out without them. 

Hand and Toe Warmers-Before I left California, my friend Gretchen gave me some toe warmers.  I had never seen or used them, but what a great invention!  Again, when the weather is in the teens, they’re MUST-HAVE items.

Finally, I’m still searching for the right pair of mittens…

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