Monday, January 20, 2014

Décor: My New Closet

When we decided to buy our current home, we realized we needed more closet space since the master bedroom has only 2 small closets that barely fit Kevin’s clothes.  There wasn’t enough space for my closet in the master or guest rooms, so we decided to add them to a large wall across the living room.  Contractor Brendan Lowney and his team did an outstanding job!  When they were finished, I worked with California Closets to design the interior and even added an area for my jewelry like I had in my old closet.  Two weeks later, the built-ins were installed.  I’m so happy with the results!

A few things I kept in mind while designing the closet...
  • The floor of the closet was changed from hardwood to cedar, to protect natural fiber clothes
  • All sections are the same size (2-1/2 feet) so the shelves are interchangeable between sections
  • To buy the correct number of shelves, I figured out how many pairs fit in a section (5) and measured the shoe heights to see how many sections were needed.
  • Jewelry should be displayed to make it easier to choose which pieces to wear.  There are prongs where necklaces are hung, and some of the large necklaces are laid out on the shelf.  Bracelets are on a holder, and rings are in a flat ring holder.    

Before *photo by Brendan Lowney
*photo by Brendan Lowney
*photo by Brendan Lowney

jewelry area

close up of jewelry area

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