Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review: "Divergent"

  Veronica Roth

Divergent is the first book of a trilogy written by Veronica Roth soon to be a movie released in theaters.  In futuristic Chicago, people are divided into one of five groups: The selfless Abgenation, the truthful Candor, the peaceful Amity, the intelligent Erudite and the brave Dauntless.  Each group has its role in society-for example, Dauntless protects the borders while Amity grows food.  At the age of 16, children are tested to see which group suits them best, but they are free to choose any group in which they will stay for the rest of their lives.  Because testing shows protagonist Beatrice doesn't have only one aptitude, she makes an unexpected choice.  Will she survive the consequences of her decision?

In many ways, Divergent reminded me of The Hunger Games-teens taking on warrior roles in a dysfunctional society with a strong-willed female lead character.  Like The Hunger Games, this book is intended for teens; I loved it and had a hard time putting it down.  If you like a story that has a little bit of everything-action, adventure, intrigue and love, then you'll enjoy reading Divergent.  Soon, I'll review Insurgent and Allegiant, the second and third books in the trilogy.

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