Friday, December 27, 2013

Decor: Photo Gallery

Our home has a very long wall (16 feet long by 10-1/2 feet high) running from the dining room to the family room (it's opposite the kitchen).  It's a perfect wall for a family photo gallery.  Here are a few things to in mind while assembling it:

  • Because I like symmetry and consistency, all photos have the same frame and mattes (completely a personal preference, but maintain some consistency in the gallery i.e. same color or same style of frames)
  • Start with the largest (primary) picture in the center and work out from there
  • As often as possible, make the spacing between the pictures consistent (about 4-1/2 inches in this case)
  • Smaller pictures hang lower than large ones, so they can be easily viewed
  • Evenly distribute the horizontal and vertical pictures to both sides of the primary picture
  • Vary the content of the pictures to both sides of center. 
  • Remember, these are photos of your loved ones, so display them proudly!

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