Friday, December 20, 2013

City Life Outfit

Barbour jacket (30% off), Search for Sanity sweater (33% off),
Martin and Osa jeans, Cole Haan shoes (sale), Chloe handbag,
Chan Luu necklace (25% off), Kyi Kyi beanie

One of the great things about living in the city is walking everywhere.  Two days ago I walked about 8-1/2 miles (according to my fitbit Flex).  With all this walking, I’ve learned that I NEED to wear comfortable shoes (no kidding, right?).  I also need to dress in lighter layers because my body warms up quickly when I walk. 

This casual outfit is perfect for running errands.  Wearing these Cole Haan shoes is like walking on clouds; the lightweight sweater means I won’t overheat; this waterproof light jacket keeps me dry if it rains; the beanie keeps my head warm and protects my ears from the wind; and the cross body bag is big enough to store small purchases and feels more secure than a satchel while walking in the city.

Another interesting thing about this outfit is that the jeans are old.  They’re from Martin and Osa, an American Eagle chain that closed in July 2010.  I bought them when boyfriend jeans first became popular and have been wearing them ever since.  Even though I actively looked for a new pair of boyfriend jeans in the summer, I didn’t find a pair I liked as much as these.  I wonder how much longer they'll be current...

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