Monday, November 25, 2013

Decor: Moving, Unpacking and Attachment

A crane hoisted our piano and some of the other furniture
through the front windows
The whole process of moving has been an adventure!  When we've moved in the past, we've always moved to bigger homes.  In this move, our square footage went from around 2,500 square feet to almost 2,000 square feet.  I thought I was prepared because we had given away a lot of stuff, including, but not limited to, furniture, small appliances, clothing, and home accessories.  How wrong I was!

It was overwhelming to see all of the furniture and boxes, but we plugged away, opening boxes, unwrapping things from the packing paper, straightening the packing paper (so the moving company can come and take it away), flattening the boxes (same reasoning), and finding a place to store things-We have a lot of storage that can be accessed with a ladder, but have less easily accessible storage, so the process also involved judgment calls about what things rated premium storage space.

After two and a half days of hard work, it seemed like we hadn't made much progress-boxes were everywhere, every surface had stuff on it, and I still couldn't find the espresso maker.  I had a complete meltdown that even included crying about having to give away even more things because we didn't have space for them-things that I still liked…

After a few hugs from Kevin, two sangrias and a good night's sleep, life looked infinitely better the next morning.  Overnight, I developed a zen-like attitude and realized my attachment to things was bringing me unhappiness and that by giving things away, someone else would be able to enjoy them.  And realistically, they're just things; they're not people or even my dog.  

With my newfound attitude, we furiously unpacked, went out to brunch, unpacked more, went to the movies and unpacked even more.  This is the result…

Though there's still more unpacking to do, I'm happy to have one room completely finished.  As you can see, I also found the espresso maker!

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