Friday, November 8, 2013

Decor: Counter Stools versus Bar Stools

Our new home doesn't have space for the kitchen table we currently have; it has a center island in the kitchen and a cantilevered piece of stone between the kitchen and dining room.  I realized that we needed to order bar stools-a simple process, or so I thought…

Apparently there are two types of stools-bar stools and counter stools.  Typically, bars are 42" high, and counters are 36" high, so the appropriate seating for each is different, with counter stools being lower than bar stools.  

These are the bar stools and counter stools I ordered for our kitchen.  They met all of our criteria-the style and color work well with the decor, Kevin likes padded seats, and I particularly like that the front bottom rails have a metal covering to protect them from scuffs. 


  1. I must say that this is one the coolest bar stools I have ever seen. I am a minimalist person that's why the simple furniture is more appealing to me. Thus, simplicity of every object just like furniture creates a unique elegance for me. I am glad that I have found your site.

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