Friday, October 25, 2013

My Closet

Deciding to sell our home in California was a tough decision.  For years, we said that if Kevin was transferred, we'd rent out our house and eventually move back to it.  We finally realized that the reasons we bought and lived in this home (the schools and family-friendly neighborhood) no longer applied to us, and we were thrilled when a young family purchased our home.  We have absolutely no regrets and are looking forward to our new adventure.  I will miss my closet, though...

Our closet used to be L-shaped with large mirrored doors.  When we remodeled the bathroom, I worked with our contractor and a closet company and came up with this design.  

The view from the door-Unfortunately, we had to have
the beam in the closet since it's load-bearing

Kevin's portion of the closet.  His shoe shelves are 18" deep, rather
than 12" since his shoes are bigger than mine.

My portion (I admit-it's larger than Kevin's portion).  The plastic
boxes contain my shoes; handbags are stored on the top shelves
in bags to protect them from dust; and sweaters and jeans are
folded and put on shelves

My favorite part of the closet-being able to see my
jewelry make it easy to accessorize
Clothes are arranged by type (jackets, dresses, pants,
skirts, tops) and then by sleeve length or leg length

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