Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four Star Finds: Things for Boston

I've always lived in Southern California (though I did spend a few summers in Hawaii as a child), so I've never lived in cold weather.  Here are a few things I bought and was given in preparation for living in Boston.

My friend, Carole, gave Emmie this water-proof cape.  Though Emmie
looks a bit angry in this picture, she'll appreciate the cape on her walks
Kevin, who travels to Boston quite a bit, thinks this coat
won't be warm enough.  I thought this pink wool coat was
just too pretty to pass up

I plan to go back to yoga classes in Boston and usually wear boot cut
yoga pants.  I thought skinny legged pants would be better for rainy and
snowy days since I can tuck them into my boots

Carole's son attended Harvard University, so she had a pretty good idea
of what's needed to live in cold weather.  She gave me these beautiful
cashmere-lined, leather gloves.  I'm sure they'll keep my hands warm and toasty!
My friend, Gretchen, is a Maryland native living in Southern California.
She gave me these welly socks to keep me warm during "mud season"

Since we're becoming a one-car family, I'll be doing a lot of walking.
These Cole Haan oxfords are so comfortable-its like walking on clouds.

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