Monday, October 14, 2013

Book Reviews: The Girl You Left Behind and Honeymoon in Paris

The Girl You Left Behind
JoJo Moyes

JoJo Moyes has a gift for drawing readers into her work; I previously recommended her novel, Me Before You, and The Girl You Left Behind is as enthralling and well-written as the former.  This novel contains 2 separate, yet intertwined stories, taking place about 100 years apart.  

Sophie lives in her home town and runs the family inn while her artist husband, Eduard, is fighting the Germans during World War I.  While her French village is occupied, a Kommandant becomes enamored with Sophie after seeing Eduard's portrait of her.  Will this infatuation have deadly consequences?

In modern day London, Liv's life has fallen apart after the untimely death of her husband, David.  The only thing that brings her comfort is Sophie's portrait, which may have been illegally obtained by the Germans.  A legal battle ensues over the portrait's rightful ownership.  Does this portrait have the ability to ruin even more lives?

Honeymoon in Paris
JoJo Moyes

The novella, Honeymoon in Paris, is a prequel to The Girl You Left Behind recounting the Parisian honeymoons of Eduard and Sophie and Liv and David.  Published to whet the readers' appetites for The Girl You Left Behind, I suggest reading this novella after the novel, when you have a deeper understanding of the characters.  A very quick and enjoyable read!

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