Monday, September 9, 2013

Four Star Finds: Make a Polar Fleece Blanket

One of my son's birthday gifts was this homemade polar fleece blanket.  A few years ago, I made him a navy blanket, but when I saw this polar fleece fabric with his university's logo, I knew it was time to make him a new blanket.  He loves it!

Because Sean likes big blankets, I bought 3 yards of each fabric, but for most
blankets, 2 yards each is sufficient.  Aside from the polar fleece, all you need
is a sharp pair of scissors and/or an x-acto knife and metal ruler.
Line up the blankets on top of each other (right sides facing outward) and
trim the edges using an x-acto knife and ruler or a pair of sharp scissors
After cutting 3-inch squares out of all four corners (both layers of fabric),
cut 3-inch slits about 1-inch apart along all four sides of the blanket.

Tie square knots using each set of flaps.
The finished product!

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