Wednesday, May 8, 2013

T & T Dinner 1

I like to think when we invite friends to dinner, the meal I serve has a cohesive theme, like Italian food or comfort food.  Last week as I was planning a meal for our friends, I realized this just isn't the case.  Appetizers were sushi, Italian meat pie, homemade cheez its and champagne.  Dinner was Mexican food-grilled marinated skirt steak, Spanish rice and avocado corn relish.  S'mores ice cream pie was served for dessert.

Thinking back, everything was chosen for a specific reason.  I made the Italian meat pie because our friend is of Italian heritage, and I thought the meat pie was something he might remember from his childhood.  Eating sushi and drinking champagne with appetizers is a tradition with these friends, and everything else was something I knew or thought our friends would enjoy eating.

I now realize that my dinners do have a theme-it's to serve guests foods they like.

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